Creating products
with character

Dorel Juvenile

Zapp product family

The Quinny Zapp is one of the most successful strollers ever; this multiple international award-winning product has sold over 1.2 million pieces worldwide until today. Folded, it is extremely compact; unfolded, it is amongst the most spacious and comfortable.

Thule AB

Yepp bicycle seats

This innovative and characteristic design has proven to be extremely successful and is conquering the world, from Europe to Japan. The bicycle seat is made of EVA material, which is lightweight, comfortable and shock absorbing.

Royal Dutch Gazelle

Colour and graphics collection

The collection for one of Holland’s most renowned bicycle manufacturers is being seen as the most successful in the market year after year. Over 6 million bicycles, designed and styled by Vanderveer Designers have been sold to a divers target group the last decades.

VDL Bus&Coach

Futura coach family

Vanderveer Designers has created a complete corporate style for the VDL Bus&Coach product range. Both exterior and interior design are extremely well received in the market and make VDL Bus&Coach stand out as one of the premium brands in the market, well appreciated by both fleet owners and end users.

Bosch Rexroth

Motion platform family

A product that expresses its qualities and shows its character. That is one of the things we strongly believe in and of which this ‘motion platform for driving simulators’ is an excellent example. Take away technical detailing and bring in a high quality feeling through appealing design and aesthetic detailing.


Omnia PX family

Helping the machines of MOBA also express the high quality values of the company. Vanderveer Designers created for the new generation egg sorting machines a complete design-style guide, the outer design of the machines and a new efficient and user-friendly interface design.


Sand toys series

For the renowned German company KHW (Kunstoff-Holz-Werke), Vanderveer Designers created a series of summer sand-toys that do honour to the heritage of the company, being made of wood and bio-degradable plastic and expressing a high quality yet friendly and open character that appeal to both parents and children.


home brewing machine

For the award-winning start-up Minibrew, Vanderveer Designers has designed a characteristic outer shape for their product that helps selling the overall concept and story behind Minibrew’s vision on home-beer brewing. It combines a high tech feeling with a touch of authenticity and craft.

AXA bike security

Toucan bicycle lock

The market for expensive bicycles is expanding, and therefore also the need for high end bicycle locks. These locks need to fit in with the high expectations and quality feel of the expensive bicycles. This high quality lock fits any bicycle frame and is very compact to store away.


Outback bicycle trailer

Norwegian high end brand HAMAX has asked Vanderveer Designers to develop a bicycle trailer that stands out in the market. The Outback trailer is unique in its dynamic appearance, its comfortable ride, its spacious interior and compact fold.


Atlas furniture system

Office system for renowned Dutch office furniture manufacturer Gispen. Modular system that allows endless variations and user-specific configurations. Characteristic detailing helping the product communicate its unique benefits.

Set in a
beautiful landscape

Our skilled team of designers share their passion for products and develop commercially successful winners time after time.

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Creating character

Taking design beyond fashion and trends

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Passion for products

Passion for details

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Creating products
with character

We believe that, as with people, character is what makes believers and creates followers. A product with character speaks for itself.

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Products with character
convince without saying

Products with character capture everybody's attention. In stores and streets everywhere, from Western Europe to Japan. Character is universally recognised.

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